Information for Patients

The VWF database manager regrets that he is unable to enter into personal correspondance with patients regarding their von Willebrand disease.

International and national haemophilia societies can provide further information about living with von Willebrand disease. The following links should provide some useful information:
WFH Logo
The World Federation of Haemophilia (WFH)
This site provides access to information on von Willebrand disease and also contains links to the websites of national haemophilia societies.
Haem Soc Logo
The UK Haemophilia Society
This site has extensive information on von Willebrand disease, which can be accessed via the 'Bleeding Disorders' link.
WBT Logo
Women Bleed Too
This site contains a range of information aimed specifically at women with a range of bleeding disorders, including von Willebrand disease.

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